Metcalf MX

Ghostrider's M.C has a vested interest in making the last San Jose dirt bike riding area the best it can be. Apart of this effort is watering days at the Metcalf Motorcycle Park MX track. The Metcalf MX track is a small, but wonderful natural terrain MX track with safe jumps and flowing corners. The track consists of mostly natural clay with added sand and wood chips. The terrain mixture results a track that requires deep watering to be at its best.

Club Watering Days

To support the Metcalf Motorcycle Park community, Ghostriders MC plans MetcalfMX watering days. The club arrives the night before 1 hour before closing to start watering the track. Watering the night before allows for the water soak into the metcalf clay and build a good base for the following days ride. The morning of the day, the club arrives at opening to lay down the water for the day. The club continues watering as needed until noon.

If you have never ridden MetcalfMX on a prepared and watered day, then one of these are a do not miss!

Stay posted for the 2019 Schedule

Metcalf MX Rider Photos

Ghostrider's MC photos of riders and the MetcalfMX track are posted to the Metcalf Motorcycle Park Facebook page. All Ghostriders Track Watering days include rider photos and videos. Occasionally Ghostrider's members take and load photos on non-club sponsored days.